Read these inspiring testimonials on how the Bouari program has changed the lives of so many people. Its not just about dropping dress sizes its about making a conscience decision to change your life for the better. Gaining a healthy life style with a new zest for life. Those around will notice not only the difference in appearance but your new found confidence and commitment to healthy eating.
“When I started I was at 243 and then I ended up 190 pounds. 53 pounds in total! The program was really great it really helped me achieve my goal. The clinic was so organized and I had really good service. They followed up a lot with me to monitor my progress. They were so helpful.” John, Miami FL
“The Staff at Bal Harbor Bouari is fantastic. Once I stopped eating bread after the first week, it was easy. After I lost my first 20 pounds, my friends thought It looked more like 50 because of the fat loss! Woo hoo! Thanks Bouari.” Elizabeth, Deerfield Beach FL
“I have tried many diets and exercise programs before but nothing ever worked. At Bal Harbor Bouari Clinic I felt very comfortable and it’s more than a diet, it became a lifestyle. I learned to control my eating habits and how to control my thought process. It was amazing to see results right away- I lost 4 pounds in my first 2 days. I lost 26 pounds in 50 days. Now that I finished I know I’ll never go back to my old habits and it feels great.” Diana, Miami FL
“I truly didn’t think that it would work because I have tried other diets without any effective results. With Bal Harbor Bouari Clinic’s program, I dropped my weight significantly. The combination of the hCG and the program really works! La Verdad que no creia que iba a funcionar, ya que había tratado otras dietas sin un resultado efectivo, pero con el programa de Bal Harbor Bouari Clinic, baje de peso significativamente. La combinación de hCG y el programa (porciones y alimentos) realmente funciona. ” Colon, Miami FL
“I have to say that the results I have seen with the SculptaDerm on my most troubled spots have completely disappeared. The area has become tightened and there are no more lines! I have tried many procedures and plastic surgeries and have never received the results that I did here at Bal Harbor Bouari Clinic. The ambiance is so relaxing and the staff is so warm and friendly. I am a true believer and a customer for life!” Susie, Miami Beach FL
“I’m a baby, I was scared but it actually felt comfortable and relaxing. There’s no discomfort at all. I am very excited because I have an immediate change on the bags under eyes.” Rebecka, Miami Beach FL
“I understood completely coming to the Bouari Clinic what i was getting into. I had done my research a bit on hCG and how it works. But, i felt instantly comfortable with the wonderful and down-to-earth staff who gave me further insight into the program, the changes my body would go through and the whole food preparation. I can thoroughly say that i am very happy that i have gone through this lifestyle change. And really it is a lifestyle change more than anything- a state of mind. Thank you everyone at Bouari Clinic.” Dhara, Miami FL

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