Aloe Lax

Our natural, non-addictive, non-irritating laxative is made to cleanse and assist the bowels in elimination. There is strong scientific evidence in support of the laxative properties of aloe, based on the well-established cathartic properties of anthroquinone glycosides (found in aloe).

Bio-Design Aloe Lax 450 is a formula providing 450 mg of Aloe ferox powdered extract. Aloe ferox is a species of Aloe plant that is grown in South Africa and is a traditional laxative herb, known and used for thousands of years. Unlike the closely related plant Aloe Vera, from which the pulp of the frond is valued, the skin of the Aloe ferox frond is used to produce this resinous extract.

Aloe Aloe ferox has been found to work dependably and predictably with 24 hours for most individuals to help relieve constipation, without unpleasant effects. The daily dose of Aloe ferox should be taken one time daily, regardless of quantity, preferably with a mean. Individuals who tend to have a slow metabolism may prefer to take Aloe ferox in the morning, while those with a fast metabolism may prefer to take it in the evening, in both cases to work over night.

Individuals often require a reduced quantity of Aloe ferox over time for optimum results. It is normal for an individual’s ideal quantity of Aloe ferox to begin to come too vigorous an action and need to be reduced. Individuals should take the minimum quantity of Aloe ferox necessary to achieve satisfactory daily bowel movement(s). Ask your healthcare professional to recommend a lower dose formula if needed. One caveat: it may be beneficial to increase the quantity for a brief period based on circumstances such as change in diet (e.g. a very heavy meal), changes in schedule (e.g. travel) or in times of stress.

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